Caribbean Adventure

The ninth book in the Bill Reyner series is complete and submitted to a publisher. With luck we should see it on the market some time in the next three months. This time we’re going the whole HOG; it’ll be available in e-book, paperback and hardcover. Although I have already started on ten and have planned eleven, I thought the Caribbean would be a good venue for a story about our hero Mr. Reyner.
Wow! Well I went in search of an escapade for Bill, although I found loads of adventure it just didn’t seem to be in the same vane as Bill. I think if he were to go there he would have far too much fun to bother with mystery and danger. We only visited five islands – all very beautiful and very tropical. Beautiful pastel coloured houses shrouded either in palm trees or tropical nut trees with mountains and volcanoes in the background.
The local inhabitants seem to be very happy and have an excellent sense of humour. They particularly liked cemetery jokes. Every guide we met had at least one graveyard gag.
“The cemetery you’ll notice is in the middle of town.” Spoken of course with a Caribbean accent. “We carls it the dead centre.”
“Yar’ll notice thar’s a wall around the cemetery. It’s far protection, people are jus’ dyin’ to get in.”
“We calls it the last motel, as the road don’t go no farther.”
“You know why they doon’t bury the people who live in St Kitts in that cemetery? – Cuz they ain’t dead yet.”
So keep reading Bill, especially the new one “Magnuscarter” and if you get the chance to see the Caribbean take it and don’t look back.


One of the first questions people often ask me is, “What was your inspiration for writing this book?”
Hmm! Well it’s a bit like asking a bricklayer, “So what inspired you to build that house?”
In answer to the question I would say, it’s not so much inspiration as perspiration. First you have to have the will to write something, and then you sit and generate ideas, thus developing a plot. With Bill Reyner I wanted to write something that was “INSPIRED” by the surrounds. After much thought on the matter, I decided to choose as my source of inspiration the town of Parry Sound. I’d been there before and thought the so-called 30,000 islands would give me an exciting backdrop.
Somehow visiting the little town with my notebook in hand I developed the rules for Bill Reyner. At that time I had no intention of writing a series. From then on INSPIRATION became automatic. I’d seen Bill and followed him through one adventure and then one day I stood and looked down into Tew Falls and that’s the point I had an inspiration. I suddenly needed to write a story about a skull found near that beautiful landmark. The second book in the series was born and with it Bill’s life long companion, Newf.
Following the rules I traveled to different locations looking for that elusive inspiration. If you’ve read the series you see that Bill has been around quite a bit, though in some cases I changed the name of the place to protect the innocent. Anytime I get an idea I put it in my notebook and then copy it to the computer with the intention of using it one day. Now I’m taking a trip to the Caribbean, and my faithful notebook will be in my hand.
Magnuscarter is the ninth book in the series but it won’t be the last. I have the skeletons of numbers ten and eleven already festering in my computer. Strangely I prefer to write science fiction especially if time travel is part of it, but Bill won’t let me alone. You’ll see that in the ninth book I tried to kill him off, but he’s far too strong.