Unstable Ground

Back by popular demand. Yes that’s right, Bill is back and this time in hard cover, paperback and e-book. Any minute now the ninth book in the Bill Reyner adventure series will hit the shelves, Magnuscarter. Surprisingly there’s also another and very exciting development. Yet another book is also about to hit the shelves. No I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been hard at work trying to please my fans.
Have you ever been to Norfolk England? Doesn’t matter, I have. I did some excellent exploring of the North Norfolk coast and it inspired me to write another book. Yeah, it’s true I did Bill in the Dutchman, and that was on the same coast. But this time it’s an exciting fiction using real places, which includes murder and robbery. There’s also a load more skullduggery going on, some shocking and some humorous.
The village of Sea Palling fell into the sea during a storm, and sometime later the village of Trimingham followed. The whole North Norfolk coast is highly active and unstable. Exactly! Just the place for a mystery. This time a cat is the key to it’s solution.
Keep your eyes peeled for Happisburgh High-jinks. Just one word of warning, Happisburgh is pronounced Hay’s Borough, or as they would say in the Americas Haysboro.
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Magnuscarter a Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure
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My son bought an electronic book reading device. Ridiculous – who in their right mind would buy a device for more than a hundred dollars to read a book that costs only a few bucks? Then my publisher put out a couple of my books on Kindle; that’s the Amazon version of an electronic book reader. At first I downloaded them to my computer with the “Kindle app.” I don’t like reading from a computer screen, it’s akin to reading constantly changing graffiti.
Luckily and purely by chance ‘Source’ had a deal on, ‘yes, you guessed it,’ a Kindle. Reluctantly I purchased the detestable device – purely to read my own books, you see.
Only an idiot would buy a paper book when you can get it on Kindle or any other electronic device – WHY? Man I’ve never had so much fun. You can change the size of the type; it will even read to you if you’re too lazy to do it yourself, and would you believe you can carry several thousand books in your pocket. Best of all there are thousands of free books out there. Oh, and did I mention that the kindle comes with a dictionary that would have cost you almost as much as the Kindle if it were made of paper and it would have weighed several pounds.
I love the word search feature on the dictionaries, yes now I have four on my Kindle. It’s ten times quicker than paper, easier to carry, and you can even have your favourite French-English dictionary, or any other language.
“I would never buy an e-reader.”
Boy, the times I’ve heard that, from people. Now I laugh, they are the ones missing out on the greatest invention since rubber tyres (Or if you’re Canadian, ‘tires.’)
Oh and by the way, look for the rest of my books coming out as e-books.