Experience is the mother of inspiration. No one can write about that which they do not know. Having had the experience and seen it and been there using it becomes easy.
“Oh yeah! So when were you last in space, or how about the last ocasion you time traveled?”
Worthy question, glad I thought of that. Well, I’ve never actually killed anyone, at least not close up, but I do write about such things. So where’s the experience? I was beside my friend when he got his face blown off with a 303 Lee-Enfield rifle. He did of course die. It’s something you don’t forget. I was working in air traffic control when we lost a helicopter in the Malayan jungle. We sent another out and they brought the bodies back. The sick quarters were not able to assist at 3:30 in the morning so we kept the mangled bodies at the tower until their removal could be arranged. Gruesome, I know, but experience is experience. As for space, well we can only add what we know to what we can imagine. If you’re new at writing, I strongly suggest you stick to what you know about. I count myself fortunate as I have been all over the world and seen most things, and done a good amount of them personally. Recently I added a new one, I descended to 150 feet under the sea in a miniature submarine.
Fortunately I am of strong mental and physical constitution. One day Wing Commander Barthol came to our billet and asked, “Anyone want to go flying?” Everyone except myself shrank back.
“Wonderful,” said Bathplug, as we affectionately knew him. “Come with me, son.”
I did. His plane was a De Havilland Chipmunk, single engine, low wing monoplane. How that poor aircraft managed to stay in one piece is a miracle. The man was a flying maniac; it took three days for my stomach to catch up with me. Fortunately I have never been seasick, airsick or travel sick in any way. But now I refrain from accepting flights from pilots who grin a lot.

Why not

They say dragons do not exist, except of course the Komodo dragon. Nonetheless it’s all very interesting. Take St George for instance, was the man in the habit of telling lies? Is the holy Roman Church in on the fake too? Well legend has it that St George came to a town, which was being plagued by a fierce dragon. The locals appeased the animal by sacrificing a maiden daily. Legend has it that he captured the dragon and used the maiden’s girdle as a harness. He took the beast to show the townies and killed it. However he came to a sticky end near Lydda where he himself was brutally murdered and later the Catholic Church canonized him for being a hero, and of course a Christian.
One thing I do know for a fact – I wrote three books inspired by the myth of St George. A Dual Tale tells the dragon’s side of the story and explains how they really do exist. Then of course there’s the second part of the dual tale, that’s about a cat and a very smart cat she is. The secret of Castle Duncan is the second book and tells how the dragon and the cat came to live in Scotland. Trouble at Castle Duncan is the last of the trilogy when the world falls apart caused by diamond thieves. However like all good fairytales everything works out all right in the end. The first book should be out in a week or two and the rest by the end of the year – just in time for the perfect Christmas gift. (Hint… hint…)