Hi All

I’ve sort of neglected the blog lately as I have been very busy moving Bill Reyner and company over to I & W Johnson Books, from the old publisher. It takes me about 20 hours to get one story transferred and into e-book formant. Good news!! In a week or so all Bill Reyner books will be in e-book and paperback at a slightly lower price than before and available worldwide.
At the same time I have been writing the tenth book in the series. Wow! If I got paid the minimum wage for this job I’d be rich. The more people who know me the more e-mails I get. It’s imperative that I answer my fans even before I start my day’s work. I get communications from India, Indonesia, Malaya, and even France, not to mention USA, UK and Canada. I’m not complaining – I love to hear from you wherever you are.
I think this week I would just like to complain for once – things I don’t like. The funny thing is the things that upset me most is people who distort the language, even though I have poor old Newf with his murdered English. For example my hair stands on end when people, particularly radio and TV personalities who will pronounce the ‘L’ in walk, talk, chalk, palm and almond. In English and these words the ‘L’ is silent, just like the ‘P’ in swimming. Ha, ha. Another one that raises my hackles is English or American people who say ’erbs. Take note and check your pronunciation dictionary. The word is Herb with an ‘H’. Only French people drop the ‘H’. Otherwise we’d say ’ouse, ’appy, Uncle ’arry, if you see what I mean. So, you could say ’ang your ’at in the ’all ’arry and we’ll all ’ave a cup o’ ’erbal tea. Doh !!!
Before I leave this subject, never to return. There are two other hackle raisers. Many American’s say semi, pronounced sem-eye. Check your dictionary, it’s semi pronounced semee or semy. Then you have mobile, pronounced by many as mobeel – should be mob-isle as in the ‘Isle’ of Man.
Now if I haven’t lost all my followers !!! Have fun and keep reading.