I Don’t Believe It

Considering I love to write science fiction – I don’t believe in aliens from another world. Let me explain, firstly it defies common sense, assuming aliens have any. Just think about it, any perfectly happy alien living on a world that has to be more advanced than ours, what possible reason could there be for him, her, or it, to come to this part of the galaxy. It would be a one-way journey and cost millions of alien dollars, not to mention the immense time it would take. Okay, nuf-said.
Several years ago when I lived in England our house was the last in the street and as it happens almost dead centre in a quarter circle of railway. The rail track came up from London then took a left turn where I lived, but it was a long slow turn. Our house was a good quarter mile from the turn. At this point in the railway there were some thirty sidings that accompanied the curve, known as East Junction.
So what’s all this got to do with aliens? Ah! You see this particular night my friend had just left and it must have been close to one in the morning. Only a few moments after he had left our house I went outside, just before locking up for the night. The railway attracted my attention. There for all to see was a huge light. Obviously it must have been on a wagon, as it was not there earlier. The sight of this light puzzled me – why would they have a light on a wagon, especially one that big. I wandered down the back garden to have a closer look at this light. By this time my eyes were becoming accustomed to the night. I could see clearly that this – er, thing, was in fact twice the size of the large signal house over at East Junction. What kind of wagon could carry such a device? As I watched, totally confused, the thing moved slowly. It appeared to be following the curve of the railway track again it stopped. Now the object was clearly in my sight, it had moved from due east to north-north-east. The sudden and frightening realization of what I could be watching rattled my bones. I ran to the house and called my wife.
“Look, look, what do you see?” I yelled.

Like me, she thought it was a light, and like me, as she watched it the realization of what it wasn’t became obvious. After several more minutes it moved again, more toward the north, then suddenly shot off at an angle directly away from us and vanished almost instantly into the night sky.
Nothing on earth could move that fast or accelerate that quickly. There was no engine noise, no sonic boom, and it didn’t make a sound as it moved the air aside. We both agreed as to what we had seen but differed in the translation. My wife was and still is convinced it was a visitor from another world. I say it has to be some form of natural phenomena and really wasn’t anything like it appeared to be. Yes, that’s true I am in total denial. When the little green man shakes my hand, I will be prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe.