Three people vanish without a trace in a sleepy little farm community; legend has it that they were taken by the Devil. A haunted hill, a deserted ruin and three children with vivid imaginations conspire to unravel the mystery … yet something sinister is lurking in those parts. Alice, a retired schoolteacher, defends the children and her beliefs to the point of near ruination, though some say she is only shielding a murderer.

A haunted hill, a deserted ruin, and three children with vivid imaginations connive to create a fun and a fear-filled adventure that no one will forget. The Devil snatches Sonyi and the boys move heaven and lots of earth to find her.

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Excerpt from Imps of Willow Dell

At about the same time as Archie was having difficulties with his phosgene reactor at the Dingham Primary School in England, Albert Harvey Bernie was about to test the limit of his own mother’s patience in Canada. Albert, 11 years old and a little short for his age, had a serious problem – one that always managed to get him into trouble. Alas, he actually had two problems. One, he was far to fast and eager to use his fists. The other ... well, he occasionally seemed to have difficulty in distinguishing reality from fantasy and never understood the principle of ownership.

Somewhat of a loner, Al would invent playmates and stay out all hours playing and having adventures with his imaginary followers. Often returning home long after dark and usually being chastised for doing so. Mom was a hard-working single parent. “Money’s not made of rubber,” she would yell. “I just can’t stretch it to reach all the bills and now you’ve ruined another pair of shoes.” Or whatever it was on that occasion that Albert had carelessly ruined...

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