It seems that someone has murdered an actress. Who would believe the actual truth? Howard thinks a wandering Viking is the guilty party and Donavon Merryville gets the blame. In order to appease mad Albert and solve the murder, Donavon enters on a fantastic voyage through the centuries. He discovers and falls in love with Anneke, a siren from the 1800s. Forced by Albert, driven by love and inexorably channelled by time itself, Don blunders into the Viking wars of East Anglia and discovers a plot to assassinate Winston Churchill, the wartime English Prime Minister. This terrible situation must take priority and Don defeats all odds and befriends Major Howard. Albert again takes control of Don’s life and he is forced into marriage. An exciting honeymoon ensues with the bride and groom running away after causing havoc in the 1860’s. Eventually Donavon returns to Bloodisland House with his tail between his legs and settles down to married life only to restart the cycle and get the blame for the murder of an actress.

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Excerpt from Through the Apple Store

He rushed out of the cold room and as he exited he stopped. Change had occurred – the corridor was lit by a single electric light, the engine had stopped wheezing and there was no door in the metal wall. He inched his way to the entrance hall, his eyes wide and searching.

The grandfather clock stood by the wall, its pendulum swinging. Its tick sounded louder than anything in the house. The thing must be wrong; it indicated the time to be only fifteen minutes to one. “I’ve got to be going bloody mad,” he said aloud. Yet he felt good, he had slept almost all night, he had made love to Anneke and all in forty minutes.

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Through the Apple Store

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