Fun for the whole family from youngster to grandparents. The first in a series of three; it's new different, exciting and all about two very dissimilar but lovable animals. Dragons do not exist! Hmm, or do they? Everyone knows that cats cannot speak, or can they? An endearing story of two most unlikely creatures and an explanation as to how they came into existence. Hilatus flies the Spanish Main and attacks a gold carrier aiding the pirates in their nefarious work. Minette escapes her fate by sailing to the Americas only to be shipwrecked.

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Excerpt from A Dual Tale

In the year 1829 and close to the last run of the season, a terrible and unexpected storm blew in from the south-west. The Messy-Maid found herself in the middle of the maelstrom. She would have made port near Penetanguishene well before dark but they had been overtaken by the storm. Minette-chat cowered in the cabin listening to the terrible noises coming from everywhere. Suddenly, the door burst open and Roger rushed in breathlessly.

‘We’re scuppered, shipmate. The main mast has come clean out of her rooting and the anchor’s lost over the side. Now we’s springing boards. I reckon we’ll be down before we hits Devil’s Rock. Some o’ the boys are trying to get the longboat over.’ He grabbed the cat. ‘I ain’t got time for the blanket; we gotta get out of here. Fast like, pussycat, afore we’s under.’

With the cat in his arms, Roger rushed up the ladder to the deck. Waves were smashing against the side, casting great plumes of drenching water over the entire ship. As man and cat tried to battle the turbulent ship and make way to the stern, a piece of rigging spar swung round in the violent wash and smacked Roger on the head. The man sprawled headlong onto the heaving deck and Minette-chat was sent skidding on the wet surface. In an instant, a second wave washed the deck, casting both man and cat into the tempestuous freshwater lake. Minette-chat struggled to the surface, only to find visibility down to a few metres and waves that constantly crashed over her head. In a very short time she lost consciousness and knew no more of the fearful events taking place all around her.

As suddenly as it started, the storm passed and the night drew on with a clear sky and twinkling stars. On Devil’s Rock Island the light keeper – old Mr Cruickshank, a retired seadog – had battened down the hatches and sealed the shutters. Neither he nor any member of his family ventured out into the tempestuous weather. When the storm abated the old man lit the signal lamp, saw that all was well and retired for the remainder of the night.

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A Dual Tale - kindle/paperback trilogy