A clever scheme has been devised to remove original works of art and replace them with imitations, Lord Wessley being the victim of this deceit. Amy and John spend the summer at Happisburgh and slowly unravel the crime. John is a retired detective from Ontario Canada while Amy has the unusual abilities of a feline-whisperer - she can actually communicate with domestic cats at a primitive level. One clue at a time John begins to unravel the mystery, then suddenly a serving girl who is also an artist's model is murdered and Lord Wessley is framed.

The murder throws the household into confusion and the Lord is arrested. The art theft appears to be an impossibility, thus the police are not convinced such an event ever took place. The murder on the other hand seems quite obvious.

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Excerpt from Happisburgh High-jinks

‘Walk, where?’

The girl shrugged. ‘Went out the big glass doors.’

‘Okay, you stay and be good. I’ll be back shortly.’

He marched to the large patio doors at the end of the grand lounge and could see Amy and Caroline walking along the cliffs. Moments later Threads caught them up.

‘Amy,’ he blurted out. ‘I have to speak with you in private.’

‘Very well, dear, but anything you wish to say may be said in front of Caroline.’

‘Right. I’m staying.’

‘Staying, dear? All this excitement because you are staying?’

‘Yeah. I need to interrogate your cats. This case doesn’t make sense.’

‘What case?’ Caroline asked.

‘Oh, it’s too difficult to explain.’

‘No it isn’t,’ Amy said angrily. ‘You’ve been spiteful toward Kenneth ever since we landed.’

‘No I haven’t, but I do have good reason; he did manage to get you undressed.’

Caroline’s eyes expanded in shock as she stared at her mother.

‘Naked!’ she gasped. ‘Mother, I am ashamed of you. That’s disgusting.’

‘Oh! for heaven’s sake, it was just a little photography.’

‘Photography? Mother, that is truly disgusting and at your age, you should know better.’

‘Oh, for heaven’s sake, you should not have said anything, John Cotton.’

‘Well she’ll soon find out. No doubt she’ll get an invite to the jug museum.’

‘What’s he talking about, Mother?’

‘Oh dear. It is very complicated, dear. You take care of your children we’ll finish this discussion later. For now I have to help John.’

‘So what’s the case he’s working on?’

‘Stolen paintings, dear. Please don’t worry about it; all will become clear. Come along, John. We’ll ask Madison what she knows.’

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Happisburgh High-jinks by Wentworth M Johnson