Bill takes a paid holiday at a hunting lodge in northern Ontario. Is it a paradise with everything a rich man could ever dream of? Behind the pleasure stirs the hand of the very devil himself, offering only misery and murder. Inexorably drawn into a bizarre trap, Bill starts a revolution in an attempt to avoid death and disaster and in so doing finds yet another hidden treasure. With the life of both Gran and his new girlfriend in the balance, Bill must find a way off the island and somehow prove that crimes are freely committed at Lion’s Lodge.

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Excerpt from Lions and Christians

This time I flew dangerously close to the island and somewhat throttled down. I saw the beach approaching, as I passed I tossed out the bundle, then levelled the plane.

There is a point in time when a person looses contact with reality. Not really insane, but so absorbed in the event as to loose physical contact. I peeled away from the island and heard this shattering-like sound. Looking back as I climbed into the sky I saw a new bullet hole in the rear passenger side window. As a famous comedian said it was at this time I must have lost my presence of mind.’

Looking down I saw someone standing at the near end of the island near the front of the lodge, pointing up at me.

I rolled over and lost altitude in a 180 turn, almost down to water level. As I rushed toward the island at around 240 miles an hour I saw who it was.

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Lions and Christians: book 5 in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

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