A mysterious Institute operating in total secret and in a very remote area of Canada attracts Bill’s attention. Like the proverbial bulldog, once he gets his teeth into something he will not let go. As Bill tussles with the problem dead bodies begin to turn up and many awkward questions need answering. Bill tackles the mystery of King John’s lost treasure, but alas has limited success, though his hunt for Institute secrets leads him to unearth more than mere bodies and murder.

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Excerpt from Magnuscarter

‘What’s mock treasure?’

‘He means the hunt is a mockery,’ Morag said and cuddled up close behind newf leaning over and giving him a kiss.

‘What for Bill?’

‘I’ve bought a partnership in a mining exploration company for you and me. We’re each 20 per cent shareholders.’


‘And, we’ll be doing a test on a brand new treasure-hunting device at a place called ... er, Mus-something. Anyhow, it’s a lake several hundred K north of Sault Ste Marie.’

Newf looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face and the said, ‘I fort we was going to Norfolk to ’unt fer King John’s booty.’

‘That, too. This is only a preliminary. I thought you might just like the trip and if this gadget works it might just be the answer we’re looking for.’

‘So you can crash in the wilderness an’ leave me to drown in the bogs.’

‘Not exactly. I just thought it might be a good place to hide the body, so when I dump you ther’ll be nothing to find and no incriminating evidence.’

Newf laughed. ‘Roger that, Bill. You can count me in.’

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Magnuscarter: book 9 in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

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