What if you were to come face to face with a real live fire-breathing dragon? Ridiculous! Maybe and maybe not. Something fearful lives in the dungeons of the old castle, something so terrible as to scare mere humans near to death. Thirteen year old, Jimmy not only knows what it is and where it is, he's the one responsible for it being there. Few people have actually seen it, and those who have, fear to mention it. 'The Secret of Castle Duncan,' is a romping adventure feasibly encountering the infeasible and reasonably explaining the inexplicable. A young lad of thirteen years discovers the impossible, a living lesser green dragon.

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Excerpt from Secret of Castle Duncan

James ran down the stairs to the floor below and knocked on his sister’s door. Val opened it with a huge grin on her face.

‘Hi,’ she said.

‘Thought you might like to look around.’

‘Hmm! I am a little tired and I guess excited. This place is not what I had expected. Mrs Thingy said tea will be served in half an hour. I don’t like tea. Do they have coffee here?’

James smiled at his sister’s ignorance. ‘Tea is supper, not a drink.’

‘Oh,’ she said. ‘There’s a strange person out on the gun place.’

‘The gun deck.’ James entered the room and peered through the window. ‘Oh, that’s Alistair. Come on, we’ll go say hallo.’

‘What’s he doing out there in the rain?’

James ran to the gun-deck doors, opened one and yelled out, ‘Hi, Al. Why don’t you come and meet my sister?’

Alistair ignored James and completed his work on the cannon, and then calmly walked back to the doorway.

‘I see you are back, then. I’ve checked the alarm gun and made sure the cover is on it. Don’t want tae get the powder wet, now do we? Your matches are very wet and must be replaced.’

‘Come and meet my sister.’

‘Does the lassie want tae speak wi the likes of me – serving folk?’

‘Sure, come on.’

Alistair followed James into Val’s apartment, where he propped up his umbrella near the door.

‘I’m a wee bit on the wet side.’

‘Val!’ James exclaimed jubilantly. ‘This is Alistair McRae, genius and scholar.’

Val looked up and pretended to be coy. ‘Hello, Mr McRae,’ she said huskily.

‘So this is Daisy. Where’s ye dragon?’

Val was immediately alarmed and shocked. With eyes wide and anger in her voice, she said, ‘You idiot; you told him.’

‘No,’ James pleaded. ‘He’s talking about the dragon and Daisy.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Sorry,’ Alistair said. ‘I thought Jimmy here would have told you about the McDuncan dragon. Daisy was the most beautiful woman in the world. I used the name as a compliment, not an insult.’

‘Oh,’ she said. ‘Do you believe in dragons?’

Al smiled. ‘Trick question. Ye have two bronze ones on tha gate and a stone one in tha pond. Those I believe in. Ones that fly around roasting peasants … no. I cannae believe in a fire-breathing lizard.’

‘How about talking cats?’ Jimmy said sarcastically.

‘Shut up, James.’ Val fluttered her eyelashes at the brawny Scot. ‘James said Father owns a mountain.’

‘That he does. I would be obliged tae conduct you tae the very top any time ye wish,’ Al said, smiling.

She smiled back. ‘First sunny day?’

‘Certainly, lass. Ye have a deal. What should I call you? Milady, your grace or hey you?’

‘Oh, sorry. I’m Valerie Cummings, I mean McDuncan. Valerie McDuncan. You can call me Val. Will you stay for supper?’

‘Nae. I cannae stay that long.’

‘She means tea,’ James said.

‘Oh, certainly. If I’m invited.’

‘You are now,’ Val said. ‘You can show me where the dining room is.’

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The Secret of Castle Duncan - kindle/paperback trilogy

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