Bill decides to settle down and become a proper private investigator but with a few differences; his main income is through solving reward and cold cases. As he put it, “Dead men seldom turn nasty or violent. Whilst taking some time off from his hectic new business, Bill stumbles into a hornet’s nest of death and disaster. Compound mysteries present themselves as if asking to be solved but with them comes deadly danger.

Three very simple cases, a missing woman, a missing private detective and a missing truck. What could be more simple? On the other hand, what could be more deadly?

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Excerpt from The Agency

‘No. Now cock that bloody rifle and be prepared to use it. Better still, give it to me.’

‘I fink I’ll ’ang onto it. So give me all the guff. Tell me abart yours decorated shirt. Oh yeah, knowing ’ow yous gets lost in yours own front yard, I brung this toy of yourn.’ He handed me my GPS.

‘Great, I’ll mark this place on it. If we get separated again we’ll rendezvous here. Okay?’

‘If yous say so.’

The presence of Newf brought back all my courage, to say nothing of the morale-boosting gun he was carrying. My stomach rolled and moaned, but my primary concern was that axeman – he needed to be rendered null and void.

As we walked I told Newf everything I knew and eventually we reached the chimney, but the woman had once again vanished into the unknown.

‘Pretty elusive, this broad o’ yourn, ain’t she?’

‘Look,’ I said, pointing.

A thick cloud of smoke drifted up from the vicinity of the house. For a moment we both stood staring at the conflagration and then headed along the clifftop toward the fire. Eventually, we reached a good spot where we could oversee the action. The loony was in the backyard and the house was ablaze. The double shed was also alight, but the third shed was made of corrugated iron and obviously not flammable. He danced up and down excitedly, enjoying the fire.

‘’e’s gonna burn the whole bloody forest down,’ Newf said.

‘Shoot him! Shoot him before he gets away.’

Newf kneeled down and carefully aimed the weapon. ‘I reckon ’e’s abart 150 metres away. No wind down there. Where you want the bullet, Bill, in ’is ’ead?’

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The Agency: book 10 in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

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