The legend says that St. Bedric slew the griffin and gave prosperity to all the Christian people of the area. It is written that keeping the faith and remembering the griffin will maintain wealth and happiness for all. But does it? In truth the legend becomes the excuse for wholesale slaughter, degradation and enslavement. By pure chance one man, who should have died, finds himself the only survivor of an inhuman massacre. An all-consuming evil has engulfed St John’s Cove leaving only this one living human to solve the riddle.

Evan snatches the beautiful Rebecca from the very jaws of death and the two learn to love and trust each other. Pulling himself through all manner of adversity he is forced to save not only himself but also his attractive new bride. Discovering a black monk in the ghostly silence of the deserted village they tend his injuries but instead of thanks he demands the removal of the human heads from the avenue of death. The monk believes in their quest but nothing must interfere with the destruction of the evil force that holds the Cove in its grip. The monk has his own agenda and forces the good to face the evil.

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Excerpt from The Beast of St John's Cove

Puberty treated Edgith badly as he was given to lustful fits that were hard to deny and difficult to hide. The situation changed when he was befriended by Marcus the master of the guard. Marcus seemed wise and worldly and his greatest desire being golden in colour. He saw in the boy, Edgith, a fine way to riches. The boy suffered severe mood swings moved by the lunar phases and became near uncontrollable at the full moon.

While Edgith was locked in his room and howled in terror when the moon was high, Marcus took the opportunity to play his leading hand. He tapped gently on the lad’s door just after sunset. Turning the key, which was on the outside of the chamber, he quietly let himself in. His eyes glistened with the joy of his almost infallible plan.

“Greetings, young sire,” he said closing the door quietly behind him.

“Go away cur,” Edgith shouted.

“I bring you the solution to thy pain my lord.”

Edgith sat up on the bed, his face tear-stained. “What?”

“Thy problem, sire, is that thy desires are snubbed and inwardly drawn.”

“Snubbed, desires? What say you keeper of the guard?”

“I can help you, my lord. Dost thou burn after the soft and comely flesh of a woman? Is it that every woman seems to taunt you with desires beyond thy reach?”

Edgith nodded. “So.”

“I have a woman who may please you my lord. Should I bring her to thee in secret?

Edgith thought for a few moments. A wry smile slowly spread across his face. Already his anguish and torment seemed eased. “I agree. Who is this woman?”

Marcus winked. “Hold hard, sire. In just minutes I can arrange this for you.”

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The Beast of St John's Cove: by Wentworth M Johnson

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