Tired of fighting the bad guys, Bill decides to settle down and become a normal run-of-the-mill businessman, but it is not to be. Buying a near-bankrupt hotel with the intension of overhauling it, Bill discovers not only ghosts but also a body beneath the floor. Forced by circumstances, he again finds himself chasing the bad guys and solving more gold-robbery mysteries. A rough gang of thieves believe Bill has taken their gold and they are prepared to play very rough to get it back. As if it is not enough dealing with thieves, security companies and a dilapidated hotel, Bill discovers he is a father with even more responsibilities.

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Excerpt from The Canadian

I looked down. Bloody hell, Newf. You’re a sodding genius.’ I was sitting on a marble slab that had four supporting pillars, coincidentally the size of four stacks of bullion. I scraped the cement coating with my screwdriver and then hit it with a hammer. The cement fell off, revealing sparkling treasury gold. I dropped the tools and hugged Newf. Stupidly, we yelped in excitement like a pair of teenagers. The door opened and in walked Zaskin. I take it you’ve struck gold,’ he snarled. He had a cannon in his hand. You ain’t pointin’ that piece at Bill are yah?’ Newf said softly. Cuz ’e ’as a ’abit of takin’ ’em off people an’ makin’ ’em eat it.Close Panel

The Canadian: book 6 in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

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