William the Conqueror gave Greystones to the Valdis family in the eleventh century for services rendered; the event being recorded in the Doomsday Book. In the sixteenth century a cunning and gold-digging lady of the realm wheedled herself into the estate and then, one by one, murdered the family members. Through cunning and guile she managed to blame others for the deaths.

In the twentieth century, history has come full circle and the true descendants and heirs to the estate are summoned. There is one small drawback: the estate is neither an endowment nor a bequest.

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Excerpt from The Curse of Valdi

Matthew Adams is a Canadian and whilst suffering monetary difficulties he suddenly becomes the heir to what is known as the Edict. On offer is the huge and mysterious estate of Greystones in the peaceful countryside of Norfolk, England. Matthew’s only daughter is troublesome and at that awkward age of being neither adult nor child. Moving into the huge empty house, the girl begins to learn things that should only belong in the past. Colette sees the ghosts and accepts them as part of her extended family.

Unable to see the ethereal residents, her mother and father become increasingly worried for the girl’s mental balance. Matthew’s only hope for salvation is to find the reason for the haunting and unravel the secrets of the white lady before the all-terrifying Shee devil destroys everyone’s sanity.

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The Curse of Valdi

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