An ancient churchyard falls into the sea, concealing a 420-year-old secret. Bill and company are on a new quest, looking for lost Spanish gold. No longer a detective, Bill thinks he can relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday in the lush countryside of Norfolk, England. Death, disaster and intrigue conspire to make life difficult, dangerous and ever more complicated. Newf and Bill become trapped in a sinking ship while the bad guys meticulously steal his gold. But for a beautiful young woman, all would have been lost. Even New Scotland Yard is confounded, yet slowly and methodically two great mysteries are unravelled – one new and one old.

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Excerpt from The Dutchman

‘Good morning, all,’ I greeted.

Morag giggled and clung like a leach to Newf.

‘Morning, Bill,’ he said with an ear-to-ear grin.

Walking down the stairs we met Shyla and Reggie in the lobby. For a moment we stood greeting each other, when this wiry little man suddenly appeared.

‘You East?’ he said, almost shouting.

Newf pulled away from Morag and still grinning said, ‘Sure, what’s it to you?’

Instantly, the man pulled a 45 automatic out of his inner pocket, cocked it and aimed it at Newf. The next few moments resulted in total mayhem. The gun went off with a terrible bang and somehow Morag predicted the outcome and dashed in front of Newf. My reflexes took over. Instantly, I grabbed the weapon with my left and nearest hand, raising it high towards the ceiling. It went off with another deafening bang. Somehow I managed to hit the assailant with my right fist. Now finding myself holding the gun, I used it as a club and smashed the guy on the head with its butt. He went down like a ton of bricks. Turning round I saw Morag lying on the floor, her chest covered in blood.

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The Dutchman: book 7 in the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

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